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Get Hurricane Ian Free Roof Inspections

With hurricane Ian going hard on Florida communities,

a tremendous amount of damage has been experienced; unfortunately, more is expected.

People are looking for ways to keep themselves and their commercial and residential properties safe from both storm and wind damage.

roof damage

R4 Roofing and Reconstruction helps by offering FREE roof inspections.

With a simple phone call at 833-571-7663 or 239-280-0436, you get experts at your disposal, examining your roof and telling you what is wrong with it.

Why Should You Take Advantage of The Free Inspection?

roof damage

#1. Every roof needs an inspection, damaged or not.

The high winds from the hurricane brought down trees, branches, and other debris. This debris can cause holes in the roof or get into and rot your attic.

This roof inspection will identify any roof damage.

#2. You need a report to claim insurance coverage

Once you discover the extent of the roof damage, it may be time to move forward with that insurance claim, and you will need an account of the roof’s condition. This roof inspection offers that.

#3. Where do you stand; should you replace or repair it?

With hurricane Ian’s impact, you will need a replacement or repair. This free report will help you decide on the best course of action to take, whether it’s a repair or replacement.

It’s also important to know how much it will cost if you decide to replace or repair the roof.

#4. It is pretty easy to get the free inspection

Call R4 Roofing and Reconstruction, and we will send our inspector for an on-site review at your convenience.

#5. The roof inspection is FREE!

What Should You Expect from The Inspection?

roof inspection

Some of the things to expect during the inspection include:

  1. Examining the roof itself (or inspect the area directly under the roof) to ensure no holes or gaps. Also, ensure there are no missing or broken roof shingles
  2. Examining the plywood roof deck absolutely
  3. Inspecting the walls, siding, and windows on the outside of the house.
  4. Assessing the condition of every room in the house.
  5. Checking for loose gutters or downspouts. They need to be taken care of or replaced if they are loose.
  6. Checking if your roof has sustained damage on the vents and chimneys.
  7. Inspecting the flashing in gutters, downspouts, and the roof deck.
  8. Checking if there is any roof cover damage
  9. Checking the attic for any leaks, damaged insulation, or evidence of water damage.
  10. Providing a full report of findings.

Get Hurricane Ian Free Roof Inspections ASAP

roof inspection

The hurricane is here, you can’t stop it, but you can take steps to protect your property.

Our team of roofing contractors specializes in various roofing services, for both residential and commercial properties in Naples, FL, and other areas in Southwest Florida.

From roof inspection and maintenance to wind and storm damage repairs, we do it all with quality materials.

No more long waits; R4 Roofing and Reconstruction will have an inspector on the job at your convenience.

Get in touch with us right now to have your roof inspected. Call 833-571-7663 or 239-280-0436.


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Get Hurricane Ian Free Roof Inspections

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