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Sustainable Energy
Naturally replenished clean energy, harmless to the environment.
25 Year Warranty
With a 25 year solar warranty and a roof penetration warranty you can rest assured your home is protected.
Eliminate Electric Bills
A Solar/Roof package can reduce or eliminate your monthly electric bill and adds tremendous value to your home.

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R4 Solar

Can adding a solar system be beneficial and affordable?

Solar Panels are environment-friendly working off the sunlight, a clean, renewable energy source, that does not produce harmful pollutants into the atmosphere or bodies of water. A solar system can naturally lower or even eliminate your monthly energy bill.

Adding solar panels can add an extra layer of protection to your roof, shielding it from the rain, wind, hail, and sun.  Solar panels go through extensive weather testing making them able to can handle the elements of the outdoors, absorb the sunlight, and convert it into clean energy to power your home.

The solar panels come with a 25-year warranty, including a roof penetration warranty. With a minimally invasive racking system and a roof penetration warranty, you can rest assured your investment is protected.

Taking advantage of the 26% tax credit and financing options as low as 1.49%, installing a solar system to your house can be extremely affordable and all with zero money down.

Whether you are looking to add solar to heat your pool or run your home’s energy, give us a call to discuss the many options you have, and we’ll build you a customized solar system to fit your needs and property.


Tile, Shingle, Metal

Solar panels can be installed on Tile, Shingle, Metal and Flat Roofs for residential and commercial buildings.

Adding solar panels

Adding solar panels to a new roof can extend the life of the roof by protecting it from the sun, wind, hail and rain.

Solar/Roof package

With little to no money out of pocket and finance options as low as 1.49% a Solar/Roof package is something to check into.

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