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Roof Restoration vs. Roof Replacement?

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Roof Restoration vs. Roof Replacement?

Roof Restoration vs. Roof Replacement: Which One Should You Choose?

Many homeowners tend to worry about whether they should repair their roof or make it undergo replacement.

Roof Replacement Port Royal Fl
Roof Replacement Port Royal Fl


One of the most significant ways to ensure the longevity of your house is to pay attention to roofing requirements.

From shingle roofing to metal ones, the roofs of your houses are subjected to extreme weather conditions all the time. Consequently, they are more vulnerable to wear and tear than any other part of your house.

Inspections by professionals can help you discover whether your roof is missing any shingles or has suffered any damage due to rot, mold, water damage, clogging, etc.

Read on to know more about whether you should go down the roofing or replacement route.

What is Roof Restoration?  

From tile roofing to metal ones, the roofs of your house can be of different types. Whatever type of roof you have above your head, all of them serve a wide range of functions. They offer protection against wind, heat, rain, snow, etc. It is, therefore, essential to take good care of your roof.

Restoration is so much more than routine repair. Before restoration, your roof will have to undergo a customary inspection followed by proper cleaning. This process involves ridge capping, the application of the protective coating, and so much more.

Roof restoration serves many benefits, including the prevention of leaks, extending roof life, increasing the value of your house, and so much more. 

Roof Restoration: When Should You Do It?

Experts recommend roof restoration to homeowners under the following circumstances:

Fire Damage– The ceiling of your house can incur heavy damage due to smoke, soot, and flames resulting from fire.

Water – Monsoon seasons are not suitable for roofs as water can seep into shingles and the roof decking. Restoration is a good idea if the roofing has suffered any water damage.

Hail Storms– If you live in an area more vulnerable to hail storms, then the hailstones can lead to wear and tear of the roofing.

High Winds– High winds are known for causing heavy damage to roofs. If the winds are too strong, they can knock out trees and make way for debris that can significantly harm your roofing.

Shingle Roofing Repair Replacement Naples Park Fl 1200 x 800

What is Roof Replacement?

This roofing process involves tearing down your roof entirely and replacing the same with new shingles, felt paper, etc. It is recommended when your roof has been damaged beyond repair. Experts recommend going for a new roof if the roof shingles are in terrible shape or there has been structural damage.

The benefits of replacing a roof are manifold. When you get a new roof, you can save on regular repair costs. Furthermore, roof replacement is essential at times when your roofing is not catering to modern-day building codes anymore.

Roof Replacement: When Should You Do It? 

If the roofing of your house has undergone any of the following problems, it is time for roof replacement.

Lasted Beyond the Sell-By-Date

– Just like everything else in the world, even roofs have an expiration date. Whether metal roofing or asphalt shingle roofing, all types of roofs generally last up to two decades.

Does Not Comply with New Building Codes

– If your roof does not comply with the new building code, then it is time for revamping your roofing entirely.

Damaged beyond Repair 

– At times, restoration is just not enough to combat roofing issues. For instance, if there are too many leaks everywhere, you are only setting yourself up for failure with restoration.

Natural Disasters 

– Natural disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, tornados, etc., can leave your house permanently damaged. It is better to do a replacement during such unfortunate times to do away with the structural damage caused to your home.

Roof Restoration vs. Roof Replacement: Why Pick the Latter? 

The following aspects of both roofing processes can help you determine whether you should go for a new roof replacement or restore it.


Detractors of the roof replacement process tend to say that restoration cost is cost-effective. However, any repair work done to your roof will only serve as a stop-gap measure. In reality, the average roof replacement cost compared to the restoration processes is minimal.

If your roof is relatively old, constant repair work will add up to a considerable amount which will go way beyond the cost of replacing your roof. If the top of your house is close to expiry, then no amount of restoration will be able to help you keep it intact beyond four to five years.


The new materials used for roofing are so much better than the materials used in the old days. These materials can keep unnecessary and harmful elements at bay. Lastly, they also do a way better job of reflecting sunlight as compared to old materials.

Brand New Aesthetic

When you do away with an old roof in its entirety, your house will start looking so much better. Thanks to a new roof replacement, your home will get a new facelift and will attract attention and praise from people.

On top of a new look, it will also help you get rid of damages that were a mainstay with your old roofing.

Up-to-Date With Modern Building Codes 

Over the past years, building codes have undergone a significant change. If your house roof does not comply with the new regulations, you can run into losses and other problems in the future.

For instance, you may have a hard time finding a buyer for your new property if your house does not cater to modern building codes.

Increases the Value of Your House  

The many advantages of a new roof point that can ultimately improve your house’s aesthetic ensure longevity and help house owners do away with unnecessary repair costs.

Consequently, house owners will have an easier time finding new takers for their properties when the time arises.

To Sum Up  

Most homeowners often fall into the trap of regular repair work due to ill advice. If the roofing of your house goes through leakages or other problems regularly, it is essential to solve them once and for all.

Revamping your roof entirely is the solution to all your roofing problems and can improve the value of your home exponentially. From Naples Fl to Bonita Springs, we have helped tons of customers with their roofing needs. Get in touch with us today to effectively solve your housing problems.

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