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Metal Roofing A Great Investment

When it comes to imagining a roof, most of you probably thought of a typical Shingle Roof or Tile Roof, right? Well, you are not alone! Most homeowners in Florida and nearby states like Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana, automatically associate residential roofing with asphalt shingles, despite considering the benefits that Metal Roofs brings to the home or business especially in Naples, FL.

As the roofing is one of the essential investments of your house, it needs to be built right, and there’s no better option than adding Metal Roofing to your list of building materials. If you are looking for the best metal roofing services, then let R4 Roofing help you!

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What is Metal Roofing?

The word “Metal” in roofing covers a lot of territories. A Metal Roofing is simply a roofing system built using metal pieces, panels, or tiles. A Metal Roofing is that part of the roofing envelope that acts as a physical envelope between the in and out of the house. Such a roofing system is designed to offer resistance to water, air, sound, and heat. All types of Metal Roofs contribute to overall structural support and provide an aesthetic appearance to your home or business.

Installing a Metal Roof by us can prove to be beneficial if you are looking for a long-term investment because of its long lifespan, sturdiness, minimal maintenance, and a great return on investment. With us, you don’t need to worry about anything; just sit back, relax and rest assured as your roof is in the right hands!

Why is Metal Roofing Gaining Popularity?

 Improved energy efficiency, reduced environmental impact, and longer life span is just a few of the main benefits that Florida homeowners consider while choosing Metal Tile Roofs or Steel Roofs.

The cost of installing a Metal Roofing system is often more than a traditional asphalt roof, but this cost is more than offset by its amazing lifespan. Almost all Metal Roofs like Metal Slate Roofs or Corrugated Metal roofs can last up to 40 to 60 years, thus helping you save significant money in the long run. Besides longevity, there are a handful of other advantages as well that are associated with metal Roofing. Let’s have a closer look at a few of them!

  •  Stands Up to Hurricanes and Tornadoes

 Metal roofs always prove hurricane-resistant, and if we talk about their durability, then there’s no match to the metal roofing system. Our experts make sure that the metal roof is appropriately installed at your house. Along with hurricanes and tornadoes, our different types of metal roofing can withstand strong winds, leaves, sticks, and other debris, heavy Rainfall, hail, and much more!

  • Don’t Catch Fire

Metal roofs are highly fire-resistant. This proven durability against famous roofing problems is one of the critical reasons why metal roofing is the first choice of most homebuilders in Florida and nearby areas. We at R4 Roofing, guarantee to offer you the best quality metal of the highest possible grade.

  •  Environmental Friendly

Most metal elements are highly recyclable, which indicates that any tear-off metal, old panels, or even manufactured leftover scraps can be recycled and utilized in future developments. At R4 Roofing, we offer Metal roofs designed with anywhere from 25% to 95% recycled substances and are recyclable at the end of their entire lifespan.

Types of Metal Roofing We Offer at R4 Roofing

Here’s a list of the common Metal Roofing types we deal in!!

  • Standing Seam Metal Roofs

 Standing Seam Metal Roofs are a popular choice of home builders due to their sleek appearance, weatherproof construction, and life expectancy. Being one of the more premium roofing options, Standing Seam Metal Roofs offers a long list of advantages that you can’t afford to miss. These roofs can easily be customizable to match your specific home-related preferences.

  • Corrugated Metal Roof

A Corrugated Metal Roof is built from hot-dipped galvanized steel that is cold-rolled to generate a corrugated pattern on the panels. The entire process of galvanization and corrugation makes the final material stronger and resistant to rust. These panels are later attached to your roof using screws, thus giving you a long-lasting, durable roof.

  • Metal Tile Roofs

If you love the feel and look of tile roofing but are concerned about its significant drawbacks, then Metal Tile roofing is the best option for you. Metal Tile roofing panel gives the impression of ceramic tile roofing with all the benefits of metal. These roofs are light weighted, energy-efficient, and aesthetically stunning. A Metal Tile roof appears so much like tile that most customers are amazed to know that they are actually metal roof tiles.

  • Copper Roofing

Copper Roofing is the longest-lasting option on the list! This type of Metal Roofing is an amazing roofing option if you are looking for something to last a century or more. A copper roof is highly resistant to hail damage, fire, mildew, and multiple other common causes of damages. Copper is also light in weight, so it will not put stress on the structure of your house.

Step-By-Step Metal Roofing Repairs

If the damage to your Metal or Steel Roof is relatively large, then you can consider getting the entire section of the roof replaced by us. But if the damage is really negligible, then you can follow the steps below:

  • Look for Loose Nails

Locate the loose nails, pull them and re-nail back again.

  • Look for Rust Patches, Holes, and other signs of Deterioration

If you find any rust, you can easily remove it with a wire brush and then prime the surface with metal primer and follow up with a top coat to match the roof color.

  • Seal up Leaks

There are multiple ways to seal up leaks. One is to use urethane roof cement, and another option is to use a self-stick waterproof flashing membrane for a metal roofing repair. Make sure to note that both these solutions will deteriorate over time, and you will need to call the best roofing company like ours to get it replaced.

  • Reseal All the Edges and Seams

If required, reseal all the seams and edges along with the flashing by using urethane roofing cement.

  • Replace Severely Damaged Flashing

For this, you need to get in touch with us. Our Metal Roof repair specialist will help you fix your Metal Roof flawlessly at the most affordable prices!

With R4 Roofing, Stop Worrying About Your Metal Roofs Again!!

As a homeowner, you may have an imagination for your dream house, and a Metal Roof could be the perfect option for you! We at R4 Roofing and Reconstruction will help you select the suitable materials and weather protection gears for your roof according to your location and design ideas to help you fix your Metal Roofing seamlessly.

Without waiting, give us a call today, and rest assured of all your roofing problems!

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