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The Structural Integrity Reserve Study Mandate

For Florida condo associations, maintaining structural safety is paramount. The state’s recent push for Structural Integrity Reserve Studies (SIRS) underscores this priority. These comprehensive evaluations assess a building’s condition, including the roof, to plan for crucial repairs and replacements down the line. With regulations like Florida Administrative Code 61B-22.005 now requiring SIRS, associations must stay proactive to remain compliant

Associations Can Cut SIRS Funding by 60% with a Fluid Applied Roofing System

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Meeting Reserve Funding Requirements Head-On

Compliance is one thing, but funding those future maintenance needs is another challenge entirely. That’s where fluid-applied roofing from R4 Florida comes in. Our innovative FAR systems are tailor-made for flat-roofed commercial properties like condos. By dramatically extending roof lifespan, FAR aligns with 61B-22.005’s reserve funding rules in two key ways.

Associations Can Cut SIRS Funding by 60% with a Fluid Applied Roofing System

Compliance Through Sheer Durability

Our Fluid-Applied Systems more than Double a Roof’s Wear Life. AT JUST A FRACTION OF REPLACEMENT COSTS!

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Compliance Through Sheer Durability keeping your roof in prime condition for years longer, FAR ensures your property continually meets all reserve funding requirements for that critical component.

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With our Fluid Applied Roofing Service (FAR) slashing the need for total roof replacements, you’re looking at major reserve fund savings on roofing maintenance. Less frequent full replacements mean lower projected costs that 61B-22.005 mandates you cover through reserves

Huge Reserve Fund Savings!

Cost-Efficiency Keeps Budgets in Check

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A Proactive Roof Maintenance Strategy

With Florida’s reserve funding laws adding complexities around major expenditures like roofing, a proactive plan is crucial.

FAR keeps you ahead of the game in two key ways:

  1. Preventive Care Made Easy: Regular FAR applications qualify as vital roof preventive maintenance. This can lower estimated future replacement costs, reducing required reserves.

  2. Setting Up the Next SIRS for Success: Make FAR part of your long-term plan. Come the association’s next reserve study, your impeccably-maintained roof will push funding needs way down

Partnering with the Florida Roofing Experts

At R4 Florida, our specialty is deploying fluid-applied roofing systems built for strict Florida condo standards. But we also take pride in helping property managers like you navigate the state’s reserve funding obligations with ease.

When working with us on your FAR needs, you can count on:

  • Years of added life for your roof at peak performance
  • Ensuring continual 61B-22.005 compliance year after year
  • A cost-effective solution tailored to your building’s needs

Start Safeguarding Your Investment Today

Don't let the next reserve study catch your association off-guard or over budget.

Reach out to the R4 Florida team today to explore how our fluid-applied roofing systems can future-proof your condo’s structural integrity while maximizing reserve fund efficiency.

Google Reviews

Isaac CohenIsaac Cohen
19:52 09 May 24
R4 came to our rescue after a very bad water leak. David handled his job professionally, proficiently and in a timely manner. Fredy was also great at the different things he did to make the job get done right along with Greg.
Michelle OstapiejMichelle Ostapiej
18:48 09 May 24
R4 Roofing did a great job in our time of need. They were professional and addressed any concerns we had in a timely manner. Reconstruction of our bedroom and bathroom after our water damage was superb. Everything looks as it did before! Thanks R4!
Yasma PsYasma Ps
18:46 08 May 24
My roof had a bad leak and called around. R4 was prompt, came out at scheduled time, and gave a fair price. They finished in 2 days then cleaned up. Superb!
Clayton ElliottClayton Elliott
14:35 08 May 24
Good, quick, responsive service. I had a visibly cracked roof tile and reached out. I was quoted a decent price for repair, but when they got a look at the roof, there were a few more cracked tiles and the final cost reflected that. Happy to have the roof ready for our rain season and next round of hurricanes.
Mary CottyMary Cotty
18:13 22 Apr 24
R4 Roofing did a wonderful job at our home! The owner was willing to take on a smaller job that other companies would not consider. The worker who arrived was professional, courteous, and had beautiful workmanship. I was very pleased with the final job and would highly recommend this company to anyone looking to have work done on their home!!
Rodolfo RodriguezRodolfo Rodriguez
13:03 06 Jan 24
I had a roof leak and called several companies. R4 figured out the problem and explained it the best. Then gave me a fair quote. Their guys showed up and got all done in a day. We are super happy. Great company!
Cara EldredgeCara Eldredge
17:48 22 Dec 23
R4 helped my parents with their tile roof and their service and attention to detail was amazing!
Alexa EllisAlexa Ellis
17:15 15 Dec 23
Dale and his team were quick to respond and get the job done. Great work and appreciate their customer service!
Colleen HughesColleen Hughes
14:40 14 Dec 23
I cannot say enough about Dale and his company. We had emergency repair to facia and they responded immediately and pushed other jobs back to help us! Great workmanship!
Richard WorthenRichard Worthen
15:36 10 Dec 23
Dale and his crew did an exceptional job replacing my roof. Lots of structural work was needed in addition to the tile roof. I’m impressed at the level of care and detail they gave my project. I would hire them again for any future work I need. Rich W.
allan scottallan scott
20:21 28 Sep 23
Great job rebuilding and removing rotted wood under our gutters, and installing new gutters. Freddy was very hard working and did a thorough job removing the old wood and replacing it with new wood. We are very happy with the job. I would definitely recommend this company.Allan S.
Jason IsaacsonJason Isaacson
13:49 25 Aug 23
R4 Roofing has been a great company to work with. I needed a new roof after Hurricane Ian, they were very responsive and professional in every interaction. They came through with fair pricing and quality workmanship all the way around. Would definitely use them again with any roofing needs in the future.
Francesco MeleFrancesco Mele
17:08 16 Aug 23
These guys are aces! Very helpful and very knowledgeable.will recommend them highly.
Daniele MDaniele M
17:06 16 Aug 23
Very professional, arrived on time and friendly.
Wallace HunterWallace Hunter
12:24 07 Aug 23
Robert GayRobert Gay
19:55 09 May 23
The R4 team were very professional and responsive to my needs. They made a very difficult time for us as easy as you could possibly ask for. Highly recommend their services to anyone!
Jim DeBoisJim DeBois
14:07 20 Apr 23
I just had Dale and David over to see if I had a roof leak. I called two days ago and they were here promptly at the assigned time. They did their inspection and told me that the leak I had was not roof related and in fact was condensation from my AC ductwork. I was quite happy to hear the good news. R4 Roofing & Reconstruction is a company that you can trust. If I could rate them a 11 I would. Would highly recommend them!!
Ian HoffmannIan Hoffmann
15:27 22 Mar 23
What a great company! My insurance company required me to fix every little thing, R4 got right over, took care of it. R4 was the right choice.

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