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Why A Roof Inspection?

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Why a Roof Inspection Important Before Replacement?

A complete roof replacement is a thing that comes to the minds of many people when they realize that their roof is leaking or very old to withstand any damage. Something that they do not realize is that a lot more can be done instead of completely replacing the roof.

Sometimes the roof just needs repairs or partial reroofing. Consequently, in order to get the maximum realistic idea of what to expect, get an inspection done before considering replacement.


What Exactly Is a Roof Inspection and What Does it Cover?

One type is the basic regular inspection that you, as a homeowner, do on a regular basis, searching for the damage that is visible at first glance. Be it any major cracks or loose shingle roofing.

The other kind of roof inspection is something that a professional does. During that, they will look for cracks on the roof that you might have missed, rusting of flashing or missing, damage from the hailstorms, or if there is water trapped in between the singles or below them.

A professional inspection will cover your entire roof and give you an in-depth knowledge of what the scenario is like. Be it asphalt 3-Tab roofing, architectural roofing, Tile roofing, Metal roofing, or any other kind.


Tile Roof Inspection, Leak Detection


What can be determined after the Roof Inspection is Completed by a Professional?

Some things that a professional roof inspection can determine:

  • The number of layers of shingles that are currently in position and if there is a need to overlap or replace them, or if they need to be completely ripped off and done again.


  • The state the roof deck is in, underneath the shingles, and if there has been water damage or mold damage that needs to be urgently taken care of.


  • How much ventilation do you have in the attic region; attic aeration plays a crucial role in the state your roof is in since a super-heated attic can also heat up your roof, thus shortening its life.


  • Whether it is necessary that you get a complete replacement is done or just a part of it. It is possible at times that the roof is only damaged in some parts and not completely because some parts are more exposed to nature than others.

Tile Roof Repair

What are the Reasons to Get a Roof Inspection Done?

The reasons why inspection is a must for any roof let us look at five key reasons why you must go for inspection before making any repairs or replacement-related decisions.

  1. To Reach a Better Conclusion

Having a roof inspection is the only way you can know what is best for your roof. A roof inspection for insurance must be done before you go ahead and start looking for Roof replacement companies in different parts of Florida, be it Naples Fl, Ft Myers Fl, or Bonita Springs Fl.

This will only add up your costs to a huge amount that might not even be necessary in the first place. The professional you appoint can let you know about many factors that you might not be aware of.


  1. To Get the Exact cost of replacing the Roof (if needed)

No one likes to pay more than they were told earlier when assigning the work. A proper inspection will make you aware of the total expenditure that you will have to incur if the need to replace the roof completely arises. This way, you can make up your budget and also negotiate if you wish to assign it to the same company that is inspecting your roof.

You can get mentally prepared and plan your finances accordingly. It is way better than any contractor giving you rough estimates and then charging way more than what was finalized.

Be it residential or commercial roofing; a budget needs to be planned accordingly as the replacement is a cheap process.


  1. The Time it will take to get the job done and also its Scope

After you have known the exact price that you will have to spend on your roof, the next thing is how much time it will take to get the job done. No one has a lot of time, and nowadays, everyone is busy, so if you have a clear idea of how long the work is going to take, you can adjust your schedule accordingly.

Getting an inspection done before you make any decision regarding the replacement will not only save you money but also a lot of time on your hands.

Apart from that, you will also be aware of the scope of the job. For instance, if there is a need to completely repair the roof or only a part of it. As discussed above, at times, some segment of the roof is more exposed to damage than others, and replacing or repairing just that part also does the job really well.


  1. The Requirements for Replacement (if needed) or Repairing

A thorough inspection will help you know what kind of material and in what quantity it is needed. Shingles are not the only material required in roof work. There are other things like underlayment, flashing, ice dams, and many more.

A professional look into what the matter really is with your roof, exact amounts, and types of materials can be known. This will prevent any wastage of materials, and only the lot needed will be bought.

Roofing Repair

In Conclusion!

If you’re already known to the fact that a roof replacement is going to be needed in the future, don’t hesitate to get it done in the first place. Our team of professionals is there to help you in such a situation. We will provide you with the most precise pricing so you can plan your budget accordingly and make a decision.

Inspection is very important before you jump to any conclusions that your roof needs to be completely replaced as someone might be pushing you to get it done for the sole purpose of profits.

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Why A Roof Inspection?

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